It is what it is

by Yeti

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Recorded in Matt Mullens attic over the course of 2015


released September 18, 2015

Nick Sichelski - Guitar, Vocals

Special Thanks To:
Matt Mullen - Drums
Rob Marshall - Bass



all rights reserved


Yeti Oak Lawn, Illinois

Started in 2015.
A forever on going project. All songs written by Nick Sichelski.

Thank you for listening.

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Track Name: Abeyance (Antiphon)
You've been elsewhere and I've seen you went to your old ways. Picking up on your narcotic tendencies.
I can see you won't shift gears, and this was the first year where everything was out of place. Ill appear to be okay but i know you love the hole you dug yourself in.

Strained eyes
have been the latest signs
Where have you been?
Are you really to busy to see an old friend?
I finally took your clues I'm wearing off you.
But you know me well, you know I'm stubborn as hell.
Now I'm useless and you are clueless to the stand off we're in.
My silence is my insinuate.
Track Name: Bone of Contention
I know i talk to much
I should get use to keeping my mouth shut
They say, "its as easy as it gets" but its getting rough
Through a different perspective
that you don't perceive
and i can't catch a glimpse of the path you are blinding me

And you've always held your own opinion on me
more than my father and i could see.
Well this plush man is heading in a contradistinct direction
then you thought he'd be.
Whether you accept that or not.
Track Name: Wolverine, Size Ten
Your pissed off attitude
genetically i inherit off you.
My dander
makes holes in this home you struggle to keep together, it keeps you under the weather.
I though best to ignore
the problems this family bestows.

Your infrastructure
Raised in concrete poverty
They said to forget your pipe dream
and one day ill give you all of the things
you couldn't afford,
'cause I'm sick and tired of seeing you forced and sucked into
a daily routine of
getting into worn boots
you had to fill on your own.